Sudhithi name meaning Bright Flame

Sudhithi Meaning and Details

Name Sudhithi
Meaning Bright Flame
Pronounce Sudhithi
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Lucky Number 6
Lucky Day Friday, Saturday
Lucky Colors Blue
Lucky Stones
Amethyst IconAmethyst
Lucky Metals Iron
Name Length 8 Letters and 1 Word
Short Name No

Sudhithi, a name commonly given to Girls, is often linked to meanings like Bright Flame. This name holds special significance within the Hindu community, where it is believed to bring good fortune, especially when linked with the number 6. For individuals named Sudhithi, Friday, Saturday are considered auspicious days. The colors Blue, Violet, Black are particularly favored in association with this name, and the lucky stone for Sudhithi is believed to be Amethyst. Additionally, Iron are considered to be auspicious metals for those named Sudhithi.

Find Out What the Name Sudhithi Means in Hindu

Learn about the deep meaning and origins of the name Sudhithi within our detailed Hindu Hindu names guide.

The Meaning Behind Sudhithi in Hindu

The name Sudhithi carries a beautiful significance. In Hindu, it means Bright Flame, symbolizing purity and a heavenly quality.

Sudhithi’s Lucky Number

Numerology is important for understanding names. The lucky number for Sudhithi is 6, representing balance, harmony, and uniqueness.

Religious Connections of Sudhithi

The name Sudhithi has deep ties to the Hindu tradition, showcasing its cultural and spiritual background.

Good Colors for Sudhithi

Colors hold special meanings. For Sudhithi, the lucky colors are Blue, Violet, Black, symbolizing various aspects of fortune and well-being.